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We have a special programme design for adults from planetarium shows to Science Experiments and different types of workshops (Art, space, rocks, fossils, volcaneos, etc). This service will only be available for group bookings of 5 adults or more. 

We will personalize the session according to what you are looking for as well as knowledge and age of the group.  

Contact us on 01202 729206 or send us an email to for bookings and any enquires. 

We are located at:

21/22 The Royal Arcade




Opening times: 

Open for workshops by appointment only at the Zone centre. 


Online rock and fossil shops available.   

School service at school site.

Science Experiment Parties at a Church Hall available or a Planetarium at a community hall.   




Contact us today!

If you have any queries or would like to book for a workshop, please contact us:


01202 304734










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