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STOP PRESS NEWS -- We are open every day (not Sunday) from Friday 30th July, all through August Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. 



We have a whole range of workshops including Lego Education Robots and Dig your Own Fossils (see our Calandar on this website) 

Workshops - please book. 

Dinosaur basement and sensory rooms do not require a bookings and can be paid at counter on day. 



COME AND JOIN US on Saturday 31st July 2021 for a fun hands-on activities and support a Science Zone Business Bounce Back!
We have an open day for Free Coding for 30 minutes -- sessions are free for 6 year old to 9 years. AND free 30 minute session for older children with advance coding with PC game building 8 age plus.
no booking required just drop in.
If you want an 1.5 hours of coding and Lego building robots -- see below. Requires booking a place.
Timetable: Sat 31st July
10:30am-12:00 NOON: Making Lego robots and Lego Education sets (£20 per child)- Age 6 plus
11:30am-12:00pm: Dig Your Own fossil activity (£5 per child).
1:30pm-2:00pm- Clay Volcanoes Making and Fun Eruptions activity (£3 per child).
2:00pm- 3:30pm: Making Lego robots and Lego Education sets (£20 per child)- Age 6 plus
Limited capacity so we recommend to book soon in advance to avoid disappointments. Book online, over the phone on 01202304734 or via email
Lego Education. Depending on age and ability -- we will use different sets to build a robot and other structures.
Then in the children's own time and pace -- learn to drag and drop commands to move and light up the model.
Session is one and half hours.
Two sets of age groups age 6 to age 8
Age 8 to 14
Only Two Households in any workshops at present -- so a nice small group sessions
WeDo 2.0 - you may want to download the software for a preview, as you may want to use your own tablet for COVID Secure (we do have others if a problem)
Spike Prime also used -- this will have a PC available for later in and during the end session






Call Neil on science workshop telephone line to discuss any requirements - groups, schools or households - 01202 304734




Code Ninjas Programme (From July onwards)


Every Day in August Code Ninjas is operating. Either a day pass or a three day pass (summer Camp) or monthly subsciption (currently £50 per month fixed for 12 months offer until 31st July) - 


At Code Ninjas Bournemouth based in the Science Zone UK, kids learn to code by building their very own video games. Our flexible coding programs for kids make it easy on parents with convenient drop-in hours on weeknights and weekends and summer and school holidays .
Our website is up and running with full details of the Code Ninjas phrased opening services from May onwards (17th May )
AGE 5 to 7
Build a foundation of coding and critical problem-solving skills through our fun and completely visual curriculum - no reading required!
AGES 7 TO 14
An exciting learning adventure for tech-loving kids! Have a blast building awesome video games and developing ninja coding skills on the path from white to black belt.
All available as a summer workshop
Code Ninjas Camps
Our camps offer an immersive environment for kids to explore and develop new skills, gain confidence, and have fun with friends. From coding and game building, to STEM and robotics - it's an unforgettable experience!
When the school day ends, the fun and learning begin at Code Ninjas, an afternoon full of engaging coding and STEM activities.
Send a message via the website below




From March 2021 our COVID secure planetarium can visit schools. Dinosaur Dome or planetarium or rocket experiments in playground. We come for extra clubs or class sessions allowed under DOfE guidelines for continuing attainment and supporting curricular activities.#stem call 01202 304734


Teachers - we can complete a planetarium at your school either virtually from a remote location  or your bubble Year Group in an inflatable air circulated PPE planetarium dome at your school. 

Our COVID Secure Planetarium has PPE screens between the presenter and the Bubble Group. We have full air replacement inside the dome with circulation fans and special screens with a full Risk COVID Assessment for the school to inspect.




Our COVID Secure Planetarium has PPE screens between the presenter and the Bubble Group. We have full air replacement inside the dome with circulation fans and special screens with a full Risk COVID Assessment for the school to inspect.



Link to our workshops






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The Science Zone

Something For Everyone

The Science Zone is an exciting Science Discovery Centre for families and children, sponsored by Science Dome UK planetarium company, based in the centre of the historic Royal Arcade in Boscombe, Bournemouth.


All visits to the Science Zone require a forward advanced booking for Track and Trace. 


We are the only permanent open planetarium in Dorset for the public to visit. This advanced 4K digital planetarium shows real terrain of the Earth and the planets, even simulating the landing on Mars and the Moon. Great for Adults Shows and families to learn about space and the stars, and many of our shows are different to view including our popular 'Dinosaur Show' in the dome. 


The centre offers visitors access to science 'zones', where each zone has a variety of activities and features that will both stimulate and inspire children to learn more about the world around them.  From life-size dinosaurs, planetarium shows, musical bubble columns to digging for fossils and explosive experiments or coding classes, every visitor, both large and small, will be entertained as well as educated.


New for 2021 our Coding Zone with Robot making and construction with controlling coding using Lego Eduction modules. Design and tech with Turing Tumble programme and sets and computer coding with Arcade Games Making in our Coding Zone. 


Also as the only registered telescope distributor in Bournemouth, there are state-of-the art Visionary telescopes and binoculars on offer for star and planet gazing as well as marine observing. It's perfect if you're looking for something that's educational as well as fun for your child. There's something here for everyone!


 See all our current 2021 workshop services on 


Additional educational links:

The Science Zone

Explore, Discover, Learn                         All visits to the Science Zone require a forward advanced booking for Track and Trace. 

Dinosaur Zone

Journey back in time, some 250 million years ago and meet the well-known prehistoric reptiles, the dinosaurs in our very own Dinosaur Den. From the life-size skeleton of a Deinonychus to dinosaur eggs and emerging hatchlings. Your children will enjoy the  experience of meeting their favourite animals face to face.

The basement is open 10am to 4pm this June 2021 Half Term for two Households at a time. Last day open Sat 5th June.

Sensory Zone

Stimulate your senses by venturing into our multi-sensory rooms furnished with the  latest state-of-the art technologically advanced equipment for all ages and abilities. Your children will experience musical bubbles, interactive floor projections and  sound-activated light panels. Entry to this zone is £2.

The basement is open 10am to 4pm this June 2021 Half Term for two Households at a time. Last day open Sat 5th June.

Planetarium Zone

Journey to the planets and beyond in a full digital planetarium that displays the night sky as well as other stimulating science topics such as Stars, Under The Sea, Super Volcanoes, Dinosaurs at Dusk. There's even a new show featuring the first official British astronaut, Tim Peak and his mission to the ISS. Each session lasts approx 30 minutes and costs £3 (excluding VAT).  The films are only £2.

Well worth a visit!

Experiment Zone

In lab coats and goggles, your child will feel like a 'real scientist', as they carry out exciting and stimulating experiments that will both educate and inspire them to learn more about materials and how they react together. From fluorescent slime to exploding volcanoes, each week in the experiment zone there will be new and exciting experiments for your child to get immersed in and learn from.  Each child gets to take home their inventions. The cost for entry will be £5 + VAT. 

Science Zone Birthday Parties

The Science Zone is also happy to provide Birthday Parties here at the Zone 


We do three main types of parties; Dinosaur Parties, Space Parties and Science Parties.


All parties last two hours and include one and a half hours of entertainment, access to our Dinosaur den and Sensory Rooms and as well as help setting out the food and cake and decorating the venue. 

For more information please call us on 01202 729206 or follow the link below

Code Zone UK


PARENTS! Want to help your child get into coding and robot making? @ScienceZoneUK New for May/June 2021 - home school sessions at our zone/ after school modules online or school holiday workshops at the Zone; full monthly subscription service including zone workshops at the centre or online work; also available for one week/one days passes:-  register an interest on our workshop website via message #coding #codingisfun #STEM #Robots Message using


Full programme details soon but they will include 12 pillars of STEM outline below:

1. Robot making and construction with controlling coding. Lego Eduction modules.

2. Drone Programming and flying.

3. Turing Tumble programme and sets

4. Arcade Games Making

5. Scripting a planetarium with Fly Through Solar System and Game controller in a planetarium Dome:

6. Media Processing Suites for Film Production using Live Record sessions in a digital planetarium dome 7. Use of Science on Spheres Data Sets and LIVE weather data in a planetarium dome.

8. Circuits using Bit:bot and leads with crocodile clamps to 10mm LED lights in four different colours, and a Neo lights messages.

9. Code Ninjas CREATE Programme.

10. Scratch Games

11. Minecraft  (Education version): game development and new mods.

12. Roblox new map development and games.


Call Neil at the Science Zone UK for a chat 01202 304734. Includes school outreach for education in after school clubs or class sessions.




From Home Education till After School, Pre-School and School Holidays there's something for everyone. We are regularly open for public events and science workshops at our Science Zone Centre in The Royal Arcade, Boscombe, in Bournemouth.  All our events are advertised on our Facebook page 'Science Zone UK' and our website where you can buy the tickets online. Payment is made by PAYPAL via this website. If you do not have a PAYPAL account - still should allow you to go through but if you have any problem please don't hesitate to call us 01202 729206 for card payments. We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 



Boscombe in Bournemouth offers a good range of accommodation options. There are a number of Travelodges in Bournemouth and the closest to Science Zone is Travelodge Bournemouth, Christchurch. (0.7 miles). For further information on this hotel, visit this page:


Travelodge is also offering customers of Science Zone, a 5% discount on your next stay at any Travelodge in the area. Click the bottom below to receive your discount. 

                   Meet our sister "Science Dome"                      for schools and outdoor events.  


If you know a school that would like to hire us. Please do give them our contact details.


Science Dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way. The Science Dome visits schools and clubs, providing an additional science resource and presenting a different learning experience to children.


We provide a fully digital mobile planetarium and natural history shows (rocks/ fossils and dinosaurs) to schools, colleges, youth clubs, scouts groups and playgroups. The service is provided in a blacked-out purpose built mobile domes which can be sited indoors using a school hall. Our domes are the most advanced digital domes in the country capable of showing 360 degree pictures and feature films.


Example current programmes:


1. Solar System Tour and Beyond - KS2/3
2. Space Exploration (Apollo Moon Landings) - KS1/2
3. Dinosaur Show - KS1/2/3
4. Rocks, Soils and Fossils - KS2/3/4
5. Earth and Beyond - KS1/2
6. Light/Dark and Space - KS1
7. Light and Sound - KS1/2
8. Ancient Egypt (or Greece) and the Stars - KS1/2
9. Under the Sea - KS1/2 or .. Weather - KS1/2
10. Pirates and the Sea - KS1
11. Fractal Dome (Maths and Natural Symmetry) - KS2/3/4
12. Down to Earth (Volcanoes and Earth's History) - KS1/2/3/4  
13. Nano Cam Show (Biodiversity at Micro-level) - KS2/3/4   


See this website for full details

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