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About us

After 15 years experience of educating children around the country about the world around us, Neil Carrington, the founder and director of the Science Dome UK, had a vision to raise the awareness of science in our local community. The Science Zone's vision is to inspire local children to learn more about the past and the present through exposure to scientific material such as planetarium shows, fossils, dinosaur models, experiments, sensory activities and much, much more. And for the convenience of parents, it's right on their doorstep! It also helps parents get their children involved in activities outside school that will further educate and stimulate their minds. And to top it all, it's affordable! Only £2 entry fee per person, or a family ticket for £6 (two adults and two children)

Our Team

Neil Antony Carrington

Founder and Director

Neil graduated from Kings College London in 1986 with a degree in Geology and Geography. He is the founder of Science Dome and Science Zone has a great passion for sharing the wonder of science to children. He brings a wealth of experience to the Science Zone and is an experienced rock and fossils collector. Following 6 years of holidays to the Isle of Wight and also being local to the Jurassic Coast, Neil had a vision to show the wonder of dinosaurs and rocks to schools with a Science Dome. Neil purchased his first Mobile Dome in 2005 to bring to schools to show computerized film and pictures and combined this with his private collection of fossils. Neil has been amazed at the interest and take-up of the Science Dome service and launched the Science Zone in Feb 2016 to the local community. This is a STEM based outreach (Science, Tech, Maths and Coding) and bring science to the general public and children. 

Coding Zone Team 

Code Ninja Senseis

Matthew Astill

Zak Yeomanson

Adhithyaa Saravanan

Connor Stevens

Harry Peddle

Nathaniel Wharmby

Samuel Carrington

iIyanuo Olumayede

Zec Johnson

Chloe Greenstreet



Jimi Murphy 

Science Educator 

Jimi has an extensive background experience in education and customer service, having worked with all ages of children from Early Years to Secondary School. He is an experienced Planetarium and Science Dome Presenter on a whole range of subjects such as space and dinosaurs. 

Science Dome Planetarium Team  


Jimi Murphy

Andy Lawes

Giuseppe Nicolosi

Connor Skerman 

Ady Collier

Sue Spoats




Linnie Wharmby- Admin

Sarah Carrington - Admin

Maria - Website Webmaster 



Connor "Professor Who" Skerman

Workshop Presenter and Customer Services

Connor has been studying childcare since his school days and has worked in preschools for the past 5 years. He, like Professor Solo, has an NVQ in Child & Young Peoples Workforce as well as a GCSE in Child Development. Connor is passionate about physics and believes that physics is the language of the universe. Having Connor at the Zone is great for us and he has great potential for carrying the business forward. Alongside Professor Solo he will be completing an astronomy diploma and looks forward to travelling alongside his colleagues to teach the next generation. Connor loves to use his spare time furthering his knowledge of all things science. It’s not all work though as Connor is an avid video game and movie enthusiast. One day Connor hopes to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the Doctor, and master time travel!

Mark the T-Rex

Resident Dinosaur

While he spends most of his time at the Science Zone sleeping he always looks forward to his walks through the arcade, getting to say hello to all the people around, and having lots of pictures taken. If you see him out and about, feel free so come over and say Hi!

We are located at:

21/22 The Royal Arcade





Opening times for School Half Term Holidays 

10.30am to 4pm

We are not open during term time during the week days now in 2024 See After School opening times below. 
Open every Saturday in 2024 as normal services 10.30am to 4pm. 




Opening times for School term times (Coding Club only ) 

Mon:3pm to 5.30pm  

Tue: 3pm to 5.30pm

Wed: 3pm to 5.30pm

Thu: 3pm to 5.30pm 

Fri: 3pm to 5.30pm 

Sat: 10:30am - 4pm



On the road:

We do science dome and dinosaur parties for children and/or adults on location - if you have a big enough space with an electrical power supply, we can do it.


School Service:

We can bring our dome and exhibitions to your school.  You can find more information on this by contacting the Science Dome (details below).

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or would like to book a workshop, please contact us:


Science Zone: 

01202 729206



Science Dome:

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