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NOTE: DUE TO OUR OUTDOOR CASTLEPOINT EVENT THE ZONE AT BOSCOMBE ARCADE WILL KEEP CLOSED FROM 28th TILL 30th May. Back again on 31st May. Will see you all at Castlepoint though! 

The Science Zone

Something For Everyone

The Science Zone is a new exciting science adventure for children, sponsored by Science Dome UK, based in the centre of the historic Royal Arcade in Boscombe, Bournemouth. It offers visitors access to science 'zones', where each zone has a variety of activities and features that will both stimulate and inspire children to learn more about the world around them.  From life-size dinosaurs, planetarium shows, musical bubble columns to digging for fossils and explosive experiments, every visitor, both large and small, will be entertained as well as educated. Also as the only registered telescope distributor in Bournemouth, there are state-of-the art Visionary telescopes and binoculars on offer for star and planet gazing as well as marine observing. It's perfect if you're looking for something that's educational as well as fun for your child. There's something here for everyone!


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The Science Zone

Explore, Discover, Learn

Dinosaur Zone

Journey back in time, some 250 million years ago and meet the well-known prehistoric reptiles, the dinosaurs in our very own Dinosaur Den. From the life-size skeleton of a Deinonychus to dinosaur eggs and emerging hatchlings. Your children will enjoy the  experience of meeting their favourite animals face to face.

Sensory Zone

Stimulate your senses by venturing into our multi-sensory rooms furnished with the  latest state-of-the art technologically advanced equipment for all ages and abilities. Your children will experience musical bubbles, interactive floor projections and  sound-activated light panels. Entry to this zone is £2.

Planetarium Zone

Journey to the planets and beyond in a full digital planetarium that displays the night sky as well as other stimulating science topics such as Stars, Under The Sea, Super Volcanoes, Dinosaurs at Dusk. There's even a new show featuring the first official British astronaut, Tim Peak and his mission to the ISS. Each session lasts approx 30 minutes and costs £3 (excluding VAT).  The films are only £2.

Well worth a visit!

Experiment Zone

In lab coats and goggles, your child will feel like a 'real scientist', as they carry out exciting and stimulating experiments that will both educate and inspire them to learn more about materials and how they react together. From fluorescent slime to exploding volcanoes, each week in the experiment zone there will be new and exciting experiments for your child to get immersed in and learn from.  Each child gets to take home their inventions. The cost for entry will be £5 + VAT. 

Science Zone Birthday Parties

The Science Zone is also happy to provide Birthday Parties here at the Zone 


We do three main types of parties; Dinosaur Parties, Space Parties and Science Parties.


All parties last two hours and include one and a half hours of entertainment, exclusive access to our Dinosaur den and Sensory Rooms and as well as help setting out the food and cake and decorating the venue. 


For more information please call us on 01202 729206 or follow the link below



Please note now we do not have public toilets to use, if you visit our science centre. We have unfortunately had our toilet blocked three times in a year with balloons and other matter (this cost has been £400 a go) due to a damaged pump in a basement toilet; a few people have caused a problem for all of us. Please be aware that public toilets are available in the shopping centre area.



From Home Education till After School, Pre-School and School Holidays there's something for everyone. We are regularly open for public events and science workshops at our Science Zone Centre in The Royal Arcade, Boscombe, in Bournemouth.  All our events are advertised on our Facebook page 'Science Zone UK' and our website where you can buy the tickets online. Payment is made by PAYPAL via this website. If you do not have a PAYPAL account - still should allow you to go through but if you have any problem please don't hesitate to call us 01202 729206 for card payments. We do require a parent or guardian to stay with attending children for all of our sessions. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 


A NATURAL HISTORY ADVENTURE (Join Dippy as he explores Dorset and the South West with arts and crafts, open-air events, inspiring activities and adventures in local nature open to all. On the 1st and 2nd June in Boscombe. 


A Dinosaur Festival will take place in the main Boscombe pedestrian precinct and in the Royal Arcade (Science Zone). The Science Zone Museum features in the main Dippy on Tour South West brochure as an activity site for 'Natural History Adventures'. An opportunity for many who are unable to get to Dorchester to see Dippy, to have a dinosaur related event locally. All activities free under the 'Natural History Adventures' scheme. 

Event to include Dinosaur walks with our large dinosaur in the precinct, Purbeck ice cream van on 2nd and 3rd (only) - promoting their new Jurassic themed ice cream (5p per pot supports the Jurassic Coast Trust), science experiments and dinosaur related activities (portable sand pit with fossils) in the Zone and Royal Arcade. The main feature is a 5 metre diameter 360 degree dome with fully immersive film theatre showing dinosaurs and science related planetarium (asteroid extinction) to be placed in the precinct. Activities start at 11am until 4.30pm every day until the 4th June (schools day). We also intend to extend the event to a Monday and offer a free day for local schools.

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