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December Fun Activities for Kids

This Christmas at the Science Zone in Bournemouth learning and fun are guaranteed!

Join in the fun this Christmas! We are bringing an exciting combination of STEM sessions, workshops and camps for your children to have a blast while learning some cool stuff.  

Code Ninjas Camps at the Science Zone:

UNLEASH YOUR CHILD'S INNER NINJA. Transform your child's love for technology into an exciting learning adventure. Guided by our team of Code Senseis, Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. It's an unforgettably fun learning experience!

STEM Sessions

Ages 6 plus

Come and learn about electronics, electricity, magnets, circuits, and much more through hands on engaging activities.

Contact us for more info and bookings.

3D Design & Printing

Ages 7 plus

With a Christmas theme in mind, children will explore 3D modeling and printing using Tinkercad. They will code their own custom models, including working bubble wands, keychains, and more!

Along the way, they will learn tips, techniques, and best practices for exciting explorations in 3D modeling and printing. Design thinking and design skills developed by using hands on approaches such as arranging shapes and glueing things together. A creative camp where children will get to take their own creations home.

LEGO Robotics

Ages 6 plus

Throughout this camp, Ninjas will make silly dancing robots, a working safe with password detection, a racing rhino, and more! Using the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime robotics kit, Ninjas will learn the fundamentals of how to design, build, and code robots. They will also apply their new knowledge of sensors, motors, and coding as they construct their own creations.

Modding with Minecraft

Ages 7 plus

Developed for experienced Minecraft® players, this camp teaches Ninjas how to make unique mods (modifications that change the game)! They will create their own custom tools, weapons, armour, enemies, and more! By the end of the camp, Ninjas will be able to export their mods for friends and family to explore at home using Minecraft® Java Edition.

Code your own Robot in Minecraft

Ages 8 plus

Attention Minecraft® masters! Learn how to use code to control a virtual robot in Minecraft®. You can even program it to complete all of the boring tasks in Minecraft® for you…That’s right! Teach your robots to dig, farm, build, and more.

Ninjas will use code to control a robot in Minecraft Education Edition®. Through simple programming, they'll apply complex computer science concepts to automate the boring parts of Minecraft® such as farming, digging and more. Ninjas will use concepts like loops and functions to code crazy things like spawning hundreds of chickens from the sky! They will have a blast sharing their work and playing in a world together with their fellow campers.

Intro to Roblox

Ages 7 plus

In this hands-on, fully guided experience, Ninjas will learn the basics of game building and creative development in Roblox, an exciting, online gaming platform. Ninjas will spend their time building and exploring new worlds in Roblox before sharing their creations locally and globally. This camp will teach Ninjas how to plan, design, and build their own 3D world to create much more than just a game!

Next Level Roblox Development

Ages 8 plus

Spark your imagination and explore game concepts by digging deeper into the game making side of Roblox, including writing scripts in the Lua – the programming language of Roblox!

Experienced Roblox game builders will take their skills to the next level in this camp as they learn coding fundamentals and dig deeper into the game-making side of Roblox. Using the Lua programming language Ninjas will create their own timed, sudden-death Roblox game along with an interactive obstacle course. By the end of camp, ninjas will showcase their game, play their peers’ games, and publish their creation to the Roblox world. (Intro to Roblox Development camp or similar Roblox experience required).

We are located at:

21/22 The Royal Arcade





Opening times for School Half Term Holidays 

10.30am to 4pm

We are not open during term time during the week days now in 2023. See After School opening times below. 
Open every Saturday in 2023 as normal services 10.30am to 4pm. 




Opening times for School term times (Coding Club only ) 

Mon:3pm to 5.30pm  

Tue: 3pm to 5.30pm

Wed: 3pm to 5.30pm

Thu: 3pm to 5.30pm 

Fri: 3pm to 5.30pm 

Sat: 10:30am - 4pm



On the road:

We do science dome and experiment parties for children and/or adults on location - if you have a big enough space with an electrical power supply, we can do it.


School Service:

We can bring our dome and exhibitions to your school.  You can find more information on this by contacting the Science Dome (details below).

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or would like to book a workshop, please contact us:


Science Zone: 

01202 729206



Science Dome:

01202 304734




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